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Who is stronger between Ging or Netero?

  1. Who is stronger between Ging or Netero?
  2. Is anyone stronger than Ging?
  3. Can Ging beat Pitou?

Who is stronger between Ging or Netero?

While Ging is very strong and is considered by Netero to be one of the top 5 strongest nen users, Netero himself is considered to be the strongest nen user in the entire world.

Is anyone stronger than Ging?

8 On Ging's Level: Netero Known to have been the strongest Hunter in his prime, Netero's Nen powers were beyond anything a human had demonstrated in the series so far. He was the only one to be able to put up a fight against and hurt Meruem. He was certainly stronger than Ging.

Can Ging beat Pitou?

Ging's abilities have largely remained unknown so far, but they will hopefully be revealed to fans and viewers later on. If his skills as a Hunter are anywhere close to Netero, he should be able to put up a fight against Pitou, and with luck on his side, he might even win.

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