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Is SSJ Bardock canon?

  1. Is SSJ Bardock canon?
  2. Is the history of Bardock canon?
  3. Is Bardock going back in time canon?

Is SSJ Bardock canon?

No. The Episode of Bardock was stated to be non-canon and in fact just a spin-off. Toriyama also didn't work on this episode at all except the designs for Lord Chilled and the Plantiens (inhabitants of Planet Plant). That also explains why the special also has a less-than-stellar storyline.

Is the history of Bardock canon?

Even though this movie isn't canon, Toriyama liked it and gave his blessing that the character is canonical. Toriyama then made Bardock's history official by exploring his origin in Jaco the Galatic Patrolman and Dragon Ball Super: Broly. So even though Toriyama didn't create Bardock, Bardock is officially canon.

Is Bardock going back in time canon?

Bardock IS canon, but the Dragon Ball: Episode of Bardock isn't canon. Therefore Bardock transforming into SSJ didn't really hapen, which means that he never went back into the past, instead he just died in the explosion of the planet Vegeta caused by Frieza's deathball.

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Who is the God of Mortal Kombat?

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Is Gogeta blue stronger than Beerus?

Yes gogeta would undoubtedly win against beerus, if you look back at dragon ball z battle of gods, beerus was said to use 70 percent of his power against a god goku, meaning a ssj blue kk x10 goku could beat beerus, with that being said it doesnt matter if beerus has ultra instinct, gogeta blue is too powerful and is

Is Gogeta SSJ4 the strongest?

I'd say that SSJ4 Gogeta in the RoF saga would probably be as strong as Goku's or Vegeta's SSB power during the Future Trunks saga of DBS, since in terms of ranking power, SSJ4 seemed to be below SSG (as SSJ3 Goku wasn't able to even touch Beerus, but SSG Goku was able to keep up with Beerus, with Goku's boost of power

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