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Is Levi half Asian?

  1. Is Levi half Asian?
  2. What is Levi's ethnicity?
  3. What race are the AOT?
  4. Is Levi from AOT white?
  5. Is Mikasa AOT Japanese?
  6. Is Levi a Yeagerist?
  7. Is Levi a germaphobe?

Is Levi half Asian?

He is not. Ackerman and Asians are unrelated. Mikasa is Asian from her mother's side and Ackerman from her father. Mikasa's partially Asian because of her mother, who was part of the Azumabito family, the family that's known as the "Asian clan inside the Walls".

What is Levi's ethnicity?

Levi Strauss was born in an Ashkenazi Jewish family in Buttenheim on February 26, 1829, in the Franconia region of the Kingdom of Bavaria in the German Confederation. He was the son of Hirsch Strauss and his second wife Rebecca Strauss (née Haas).

What race are the AOT?

To make it succinct and clear: It appears that the vast majority of characters are descendants of Germans or similar races, and that they speak Japanese simply because that's the language in which the writer/creator spoke and wished to market it.

Is Levi from AOT white?

Because almost every character in Attack on Titan is white. Levi Ackermann is a German name, just like most names for other Attack on Titan characters.

Is Mikasa AOT Japanese?

The name "Mikasa" has origins in both Malagasy (of Madagascar) and Japanese (the Mikasa battleship, Mount Mikasa, or the Mikasa-no-miya[nt. 1][ref]). Given that she is simply said to be "Oriental"[nt. 2], we can assume the latter, and she is actually Japanese.

Is Levi a Yeagerist?

Though, he is not in favor for attacking against the world meaning to say he is not a Yeagerist.

Is Levi a germaphobe?

The main reason why Levi is a clean freak is due to the unhygienic living conditions in the Underground, where he stayed as a child. Having always wished for at least cleanenvironment to live in, he subsequently placed great importance on cleanliness because it was something that he never had in the past.

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