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Is natural log 0 infinity?

  1. Is natural log 0 infinity?
  2. Does ln reach infinity?
  3. Is zero infinity indeterminate?
  4. Is infinity over infinity indeterminate?
  5. Is infinity over 0 indeterminate?

Is natural log 0 infinity?

What is the natural logarithm of zero? The real natural logarithm function ln(x) is defined only for x>0. So the natural logarithm of zero is undefined.

Does ln reach infinity?

Since the numbers themselves increase without bound, we have shown that by making x large enough, we may make f(x)=lnx as large as desired. Thus, the limit is infinite as x goes to ∞ .

Is zero infinity indeterminate?

Originally Answered: Is Infinity/0 an indeterminate form? Yes. Infinity is undefined or indeterminate. x/0 is undefined or indeterminate.

Is infinity over infinity indeterminate?

1:536:11Calculus 6.08i - The Indeterminate Form Infinity over Infinity - YouTubeYouTube

Is infinity over 0 indeterminate?

Another states that infinity/0 is one of the indeterminate forms having a large range of different values. The last reasons that infinity/0 "is" equal to infinity, ie: Thus infinity/0 is a problem both because infinity is not a number and because division by zero is not allowed.

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