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Did Gildarts know Cana was his daughter?

  1. Did Gildarts know Cana was his daughter?
  2. Who is Cana's mother?
  3. Who did Gildarts marry?
  4. Who is Cana father?
  5. What is Canas secret?
  6. Who kissed in fairy tail?
  7. Who is Natsu shipped with?

Did Gildarts know Cana was his daughter?

Though her mother had left Cana in the custody of Gildarts, he was unaware that he had a daughter and Cana became too intimidated to tell him that she was his daughter when she learned how great a Mage he was.

Who is Cana's mother?

CorneliaCornelia (コーネリア Kōneria) was the mother of Fairy Tail Mage, Cana Alberona and the deceased wife of S-Class Mage of the same guild, Gildarts Clive.

Who did Gildarts marry?

History. Years ago, Gildarts met and fell in love with a woman named Cornelia. Their relationship blossomed and the two eventually married each other, however, Gildarts was so fixated on his work that Cornelia left him, leaving Gildarts completely unaware that she was carrying his child.

Who is Cana father?

Gildarts CliveCana Alberona/Father

What is Canas secret?

One of the earliest hidden secrets revealed about Fairy Tail is that Cana is actually Gildarts' daughter. Early on, Cana put a bunch of pressure on herself to become an S-Ranked mage out of the belief that once she reached that level, she would be able to tell Gildarts that he was her father.

Who kissed in fairy tail?

Natsu is holding Lucy close to his chest with an arm around her upper back. As for the heroine, she is leaning into her long time friend for a kiss with her eyes closed, and Natsu is ready to oblige her. Just before the two can finally kiss, Mashima made sure to tease fans before stopping the couple.

Who is Natsu shipped with?

Natsu and Lucy is perhaps the most prominent ship in the Fairy Tail community. Consisting of two primary characters, it's no wonder this duo would be matched up together. Many fans find the ship irresistible due to the couple's initial meeting (which kicks off the series) and Lucy's continuous support of Natsu.

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