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Did Hisoka kill all the spiders?

  1. Did Hisoka kill all the spiders?
  2. Why did Hisoka betray the spiders?
  3. Is Hisoka one of the spiders?
  4. Who healed Hisoka's arm?
  5. Does Hisoka care for anyone?

Did Hisoka kill all the spiders?

It appeared that Chrollo had killed Hisoka. However, Hisoka survived and vowed to kill all of the members of the Phantom Troupe.

Why did Hisoka betray the spiders?

It's because hisoka fought chrollo and chrollo used the phantom troupes powers to aid him in the fight, so he's going to kill them all in order to have a fair fight with chrollo.

Is Hisoka one of the spiders?

He then reveals that he has never been a true member of the Troupe, removing the fake Spider tattoo from his back, and points out that it won't be considered in-fighting now.

Who healed Hisoka's arm?

Machi watched Hisoka battle Castro. After the battle, she criticised Hisoka's reckless fighting strategy. Hisoka paid her to heal his arms, which she did with ease using her Nen. Afterwards, she told him to join the Troupe in Yorknew City, warning him that Chrollo might kill him if he didn't attend.

Does Hisoka care for anyone?

Hisoka doesn't love anyone. He asked Machi to dinner and she turned him down. Later he spared her life to give a warning to the rest of the Troupe.

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