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Is the FBI exam hard?

  1. Is the FBI exam hard?
  2. Is it worth becoming an FBI agent?
  3. What is an 1811 position?

Is the FBI exam hard?

Yes. The FBI Phase 1 test has a 30% pass rate, so it is considered to be a challenging assessment. Test-takers must answer two sets of difficult reasoning questions. This is followed by a series of personality, preferences and professionalism questions, which have no right or wrong answers.

Is it worth becoming an FBI agent?

Pros of being an FBI agent FBI agents typically earn a decent salary and receive a good benefits package. The average salary for a special agent is $71,665 per year. In addition, special agents receive health insurance, long-term care coverage, group life insurance, retirement savings and investment plans.

What is an 1811 position?

What is an 1811? An 1811 is the Federal criminal investigator classification series established by the U.S. Office of Personnel Management. OPM defined this series to include positions that involve planning and conducting investigations relating to alleged or suspected violations of criminal laws.

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