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Does Davina get resurrected?

  1. Does Davina get resurrected?
  2. Is Davina resurrected in Season 4?

Does Davina get resurrected?

In Le Grand Guignol, Davina is resurrected through Céleste's death. In Farewell to Storyville, Davina feels uncomfortable after her journey into death.

Is Davina resurrected in Season 4?

Throughout Season Four of The Originals During a second Harvest Ritual in Season Four, Davina's remains were channeled by Vincent, asking her to accept the Harvest sacrifice and resurrect the French Quarter witches. She accepted and the girls were resurrected.

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What does this mean ∈?

The symbol ∈ indicates set membership and means “is an element of” so that the statement x∈A means that x is an element of the set A. For example, if A is the set {♢,♡,♣,♠}, then ♡∈A but △∉A (where the symbol ∉ means “not an element of”).

What is the Greek E in math?

This symbol is a Greek letter called (capital) sigma. It's used to denote sums.

What does ε mean in math?

ε: “Error term” in regression/statistics, more generally used to denote an arbitrarily small, positive number. ∈ (Variant Epsilon) This version of epsilon is used in set theory to mean “belongs to” or “is in the set of”: x ∈ X, similarly used to indicate the range of a parameter: x ∈ [0, 1].

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