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How did Ginshi Shirazu die?

  1. How did Ginshi Shirazu die?
  2. What happened Shirazus sister?
  3. Who killed Nutcracker in Tokyo Ghoul?
  4. Does Eto Yoshimura like Kaneki?
  5. Is mutsuki a girl Tokyo Ghoul?
  6. How did Kaneki turn into Haise?
  7. What did torso do Mutsuki?
  8. What did Jason do with the centipede?

How did Ginshi Shirazu die?

The man's final moments were panicked as he went blind, prompting Shirazu to hold onto Urie as he said he didn't want to die alone. Despite his team's cries, Shirazu passed quietly from his wounds, a fact that traumatized the Quinx Squad. Sadly, Sasaki was not around to see Shirazu pass as he was busy fighting Eto.

What happened Shirazus sister?

For other uses, see Haru (disambiguation). Haru Shirazu (不知 ハル, Shirazu Haru) is the younger sister of the deceased Ghoul Investigator and Quinx Squad Leader Ginshi Shirazu. She suffers from a condition known as Rc cell over-secretion disease which causes her to be hospitalized as a result.

Who killed Nutcracker in Tokyo Ghoul?

Ginshi ShirazuShe was killed during the Auction Mopping-up Operation by Ginshi Shirazu, and her kagune was turned into a quinque of the same name.

Does Eto Yoshimura like Kaneki?

No, Eto is not falling in love with Kaneki. What she is doing though, is wondering if she has found what she has been looking for. Eto has been working close with Arima (the CCG's Reaper) to create a ghoul strong enough to kill Arima, then bring humans and ghouls together.

Is mutsuki a girl Tokyo Ghoul?

A flashback reveals that he was born female, but was unable to reconcile his feelings of discomfort towards his gender. As such, he began living as a man and uses highly-masculine personal pronouns, even when such informal language is not socially appropriate.

How did Kaneki turn into Haise?

Haise was born because in the manga, Kaneki was Kishou Arima and got stabbed in the eye. This made him close to dying and lose his memories, including his name, but instead of death, Arima decided to keep him in a prison and think what to do with him.

What did torso do Mutsuki?

Torso kidnapped Mutsuki and held him in a pit he claimed was their secret home. He told Mutsuki that they were going to get married and spoke cryptically about how they had the same eyes and being strangely drawn to him.

What did Jason do with the centipede?

Being the twisted and insane person he was, Jason put the centipede in Kaneki's ear simply to torture him. Nothing more, nothing less.

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