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Is Guy Sensei still alive?

  1. Is Guy Sensei still alive?
  2. What happens to Guy Sensei after the war?
  3. Will Guy Sensei walk again?

Is Guy Sensei still alive?

Guy never actually died, but he very nearly did after opening the Eighth Gate of Death during the battle with Ten Tails Jinchuuriki Madara.

What happens to Guy Sensei after the war?

Despite his permanent damage from the Fourth Great Shinobi War officially ending his ninja career, Guy still proved as powerful as ever. Ultimately, Guy became recognised as a legendary shinobi.

Will Guy Sensei walk again?

Short answer: Yes, Guy can and does fight after the war, even though he's in a wheelchair. Naruto used yin-yang release to stop the gate of death from taking its toll on Guy.

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