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Who is Regina's dad in Once Upon a Time?

  1. Who is Regina's dad in Once Upon a Time?
  2. Is Rumple Zelenas father?
  3. Who is Zelenas dad?
  4. Who is Henry's dad once upon a time?
  5. What happened to Regina's father?
  6. Who is Zelena pregnant by?
  7. Why does Zelena want Regina's heart?
  8. Who is Regina's dad on a million little things?
  9. What is Zelena's baby's name?
  10. What happened to Rome and Regina's baby?
  11. What did Neil do to Regina?
  12. Is Gold Henry's grandpa?

Who is Regina's dad in Once Upon a Time?

father Prince HenryTony Perez, who plays Regina's (Lana Parrilla) father Prince Henry, will be returning in the episode, which also happens to be the show's 100th, has confirmed.

Is Rumple Zelenas father?

Rumplestiltskin only met Cora in The Miller's Daughter, which takes place after Bleeding Through. And with everything that follows in "The Miller's Daughter" and "It's Not Easy Being Green", it just doesn't make sense for the writers to try and squeeze in, "Oh, no, wait, Zelena's actual father is Rumplestiltskin."

Who is Zelenas dad?

'Zelena' Mills, formerly known as the Wicked Witch of the West, is the main antagonist of the third season. She is the daughter of Jonathan and Cora, mother of Robin Hood (named after her father), the half-sister of Regina Mills and the adopted aunt of Henry Mills.

Who is Henry's dad once upon a time?

Neal Cassidy/BaelfireThen, in Season 2, his father is revealed to be Neal Cassidy/Baelfire. Their heritage leads to his relation to the sinister Rumplestiltskin and his late ex-wife Milah. One episode later, Snow White's mother is shown to be Queen Eva. Ruth hinted her mother as well.

What happened to Regina's father?

Regina agrees that she can be happy, just not in the Enchanted Forest, before swiftly ripping out his heart. Regina drops Henry's heart in a fire which activates the first Dark Curse. She later manages to bury Henry and puts a headstone at the top of his grave which says "Henry, Beloved Father".

Who is Zelena pregnant by?

During last week's episode, the Wicked Witch returned to OUAT and revealed that she's been impersonating Marian, which was truly the worst. But on Sunday night's "Lily," the series revealed that Zelena is pregnant on Once Upon a Time with Robin Hood's baby making things 100 percent worse for Regina.

Why does Zelena want Regina's heart?

The Wizard reveals that she has a sister named Regina who is being mentored in magic by a powerful sorcerer named Rumplestiltskin. However, Rumplestiltskin tells Zelena that in order to activate the Dark Curse, she needs the heart of the thing she loves most, and he believes that is him.

Who is Regina's dad on a million little things?

star Mario Van PeeblesRegina (Christina Moses) is working on a movie set in Miami, and her father (guest star Mario Van Peebles) stops by to visit, and reveals that his new wife has left him. As they talk it out, Regina gets real with her dad and explains the way his behavior can make people feel -- both the good and the bad.

What is Zelena's baby's name?

Robin Hood II is a character featured on ABC's Once Upon a Time. She is the daughter of the original Robin Hood and Zelena, born in the midst of family feuds and dark magic. In Hyperion Heights, she becomes Margot West. Robin is portrayed by Tiera Skovbye.

What happened to Rome and Regina's baby?

After Eve (Ebboney Wilson) decided to keep her baby and not let Rome and Regina (Romany Malco and Christina Moses) adopt the child, she left the Howards crushed. These might be very difficult times for the couple but especially for Regina who had to overcome her initial stand of not wanting kids to eventually adopting.

What did Neil do to Regina?

Knowing that she had not been invited to the school dance, Neil felt bad for her and said to her "Don't worry about the boys at school. I think you're beautiful". Then, Neil asked Regina to take her shirt off, which Regina did, as she needed to feel beautiful that night. After that, she was molested.

Is Gold Henry's grandpa?

Gold is actually Henry's other grandfather! Though many fans speculated this long ago, the news came as a pretty major shock to the show's characters — particularly to Henry (Jared Gilmore), who had been told his father was a firefighter.

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