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Are Deku and Shigaraki related?

  1. Are Deku and Shigaraki related?
  2. Is shiggy Deku's brother?
  3. Is Shigaraki Deku's cousin?
  4. Who is Shigaraki brother?
  5. Who is Midoriya's brother?
  6. Who is Shigaraki's cousin?
  7. Who is Shigaraki's sister?
  8. Who is DEKU brother?
  9. Who is DEKU sister?

Are Deku and Shigaraki related?

Tomura Shigaraki is her grandson, so this is particularly fitting. In a way, she is also a grandmother to Deku, as she first passed the Quirk to a "father figure" who passed it to him.

Is shiggy Deku's brother?

Shiggy is Izuku's adopted brother and since izuku is married to kacchan, that makes Shiggy kacchan's brother in law.

Is Shigaraki Deku's cousin?

Midoriya Izuku and Shigaraki Tomura are cousins | Archive of Our Own.

Who is Shigaraki brother?

Yoichi Shigaraki ( 死 し 柄 がら 木 き 与 よ 一 いち , Shigaraki Yoichi?) was the younger brother of All For One, as well as the first user and originator of the One For All Quirk.

Who is Midoriya's brother?

Nori Midoriya | Boku no Hero Academia Wiki | Fandom.

Who is Shigaraki's cousin?

At birth, Victor and Elsha's father had died so he lived with their mother. One year later, their mother died, so they lived with their uncle, Kotaro Shimura. There, he is familiar with his cousin, Tenko Shimura or Tomura Shigaraki.

Who is Shigaraki's sister?

Hana Shimura ( 志 し 村 むら 華 はな , Shimura Hana?) was the older sister of Tenko Shimura and the granddaughter of Nana Shimura.

Who is DEKU brother?

Toshi Midoriya | Boku no Hero Academia Wiki | Fandom.

Who is DEKU sister?

This is the story about Izumi Midoriya, Izuku's twin sister.

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