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How many times has Vegeta defeated Goku?

  1. How many times has Vegeta defeated Goku?
  2. Was Vegeta ever more powerful than Goku?
  3. Who has Goku not beat?

How many times has Vegeta defeated Goku?

Vegeta tricked him into thinking they had a truce and distracted Goku by requesting a senzu bean. As Goku reached for it, Vegeta dealt a blow to his back, knocking Goku out. Therefore, technically Vegeta has beaten Goku twice but Goku has never beaten Vegeta.

Was Vegeta ever more powerful than Goku?

As Dragon Ball's main character, it's only natural Goku be stronger than his rivals, but Vegeta actually has surpassed him on occasion. As of the Moro arc, Vegeta's never been closer in power to Goku– but that's ancient history now that Goku has what seems to be full access to Ultra Instinct.

Who has Goku not beat?

Originally Answered: Who is the man that Goku may never beat? Beerus, Vegeta, Jiren, Cell. These are individuals he hasn't beaten in a one on one fight. He either defeated them with help, a stalemate or he lost.

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