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Does Boruto get better?

  1. Does Boruto get better?
  2. Did Boruto become bad?
  3. Who will turn evil in Boruto?
  4. Will there be a Boruto Shippuden?
  5. Who is the final villain in Boruto?
  6. Who is the powerful kid in Boruto?

Does Boruto get better?

A big reason why the show has suddenly improved is because the original Naruto writer Kishimoto has returned to the series from the manga Chapter 52, meaning that if you were a fan of the original series, then going forward you should notice a similar tone.

Did Boruto become bad?

It seems unlikely that Boruto will turn into a villain, at least by his own accord. However, the presence of the karma seal indicates that there is a possibility that Momoshiki Otsutsuki has possessed Boruto to go on a rampage that devastates the shinobi world.

Who will turn evil in Boruto?

Theorists believed that the process changed and Isshiki's mind was placed in Kawaki's body, which was then used to carry out the alien's bidding. However, when Isshiki died and Kawaki lost his Karma mark in the manga, fans were left to come up with new theories as to why Kawaki would turn evil.

Will there be a Boruto Shippuden?

There will be a future boruto but not with the name shippuden. More than likely not, because the anime started with what could turn out to be one of its final fights.

Who is the final villain in Boruto?

Initially appearing in the flashforward in the series' debut, Kawaki is a young man who apparently would become the nemesis of the series' lead character, Boruto Uzumaki.

Who is the powerful kid in Boruto?

Topping the list is Kawaki, who is a member of the Uzumaki family for now. Kawaki is the vessel of Isshiki Otsutsuki, just as Boruto is the vessel of Momoshiki Otsutsuki. Unlike Boruto, Kawaki possesses a decent amount of control on the Karma seal, which gives him the edge over him.

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