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Is Feferi dead?

  1. Is Feferi dead?
  2. Who does eridan kill?
  3. What does Feferi call eridan?
  4. Are Feferi and Jane related?
  5. Is eridan alive?
  6. Who is Kanaya homestuck?
  7. Does eridan come back?
  8. Who killed Equius?
  9. Who killed karkat?
  10. Who killed Aradia?
  11. How old is John at the end of homestuck?
  12. How did homestuck end?
  13. How many words is Homestuck?
  14. Does Aradia like Equius?
  15. Who is Aries in homestuck?
  16. Who is Jane Crocker?

Is Feferi dead?

She is DEAD. He is not going to take it well when he wakes up. You hope he just stays asleep for a while.

Who does eridan kill?

Eridan also kills Feferi and Kanaya, who attack him in retaliation, and destroys the matriorb, the only hope of saving the troll species. He is later killed by Kanaya with her chainsaw.

What does Feferi call eridan?

Feferi refers to Eridan as her moirail and worries about his getting out of line. After entering The Medium, she abdicates this responsibility because of how their one-sided relationship exhausted her emotionally, leaving Eridan distraught .

Are Feferi and Jane related?

Jane is the Condesce's heir, and thus can be considered her "daughter". Feferi is, most likely, the child of Condesce through ectobiology. This means Jane's half-sister is Feferi.

Is eridan alive?

Eridan's corpse is preserved by Gamzee, and he is later revived as half of Erisolsprite to be Jake's sprite.

Who is Kanaya homestuck?

Kanaya Maryam, also known by her Trollian handle “grimAuxiliatrix”, is one of the Hivebent trolls. Her associated zodiac sign is Virgo (♍), just like Andrew Hussie. Her left horn curves into a hook, emulating the tail of her astrological symbol when viewed from the front.

Does eridan come back?

Eridan's corpse is preserved by Gamzee, and he is later revived as half of Erisolsprite to be Jake's sprite.

Who killed Equius?

GamzeeEventually we see her witness something shocking, later revealed to be Gamzee murdering Equius.

Who killed karkat?

In an alternate timeline in which Vriska departed to challenge Jack Noir, she inadvertently leads him to the trolls' hideout and Karkat is killed along with Terezi by Noir directly, who then destroys the meteor and takes them as trophies to show to Vriska.

Who killed Aradia?

After summoning ghost on Vriska Serket for blinding Terezi Pyrope, Vriska got revenge by summoning a mindless Sollux Captor to kill her, which is why Aradia is a ghost when introduced. After having her soul be built into a robot by Equius Zahhak, she managed to get revenge on Vriska by beating her to death.

How old is John at the end of homestuck?

thirteen year oldJohn Egbert is a character in Andrew Hussie's Homestuck. John is a thirteen year old boy who's birthday is on April 13.

How did homestuck end?

At the site of the final battle, Vriska uses the Treasure which is inundated with the B1 kids' power, but what it does is not seen. A door appears on the treasure, as well as on the platform where the heroes can enter their new universe. Homestuck ends with John approaching the door to the new universe.

How many words is Homestuck?

It has been noted for its complex and nonlinear plot, considerable length at over 8,000 pages and 800,000 words, and intensely devoted fan community. The webcomic has drawn comparisons to Ulysses, and Homestuck has been cited as the first great work of Internet fiction.

Does Aradia like Equius?

His relationship with Aradia is hard to define, like much of troll romance, but his feelings tend to lean more towards the flushed quadrant. They were, however, together romantically.

Who is Aries in homestuck?

Aradia is the "Ace of Pentacles" in the Homestuck tarot card deck. She can also be seen on the "Five of Wands" card with most of the pre-act 6 cast. The death of Aradia's dream self might be a reference to the Roman Agonalia festival.

Who is Jane Crocker?

Jane is the heiress and biggest fan of the company Crockercorp. . Her dream self on Prospit has also woken up very shortly before the release of Sburb Alpha, and she witnessed dream Jake's funeral. by the White Queen.

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