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Is Goku now immortal?

  1. Is Goku now immortal?
  2. Is Goku a mortal or a god?
  3. Does Goku become a permanent God?
  4. Can Goku use God Ki?

Is Goku now immortal?

No by all means, Goku is not immortal. He had died previously but brought back to life using Dragon Balls.

Is Goku a mortal or a god?

Goku is still technically a mortal. He only has God ki when he's in SSG form(also SSB, but it's mixed with his normal ki, allowing other mortals to sense his power). He would only be a true God if he had God ki in his base form.

Does Goku become a permanent God?

No. Because GOKU become immortal in the Last episode of its Series Dragon Ball GT.

Can Goku use God Ki?

We know Goku in Super Saiyan God and in Super Saiyan Blue uses God ki. And apparently, he can also use God ki in base form.

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