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Is Gon's father bad?

  1. Is Gon's father bad?
  2. Was Ging a good father?
  3. Does Gons father love him?
  4. Is Ging a good person?
  5. Is Ging a deadbeat?

Is Gon's father bad?

Due to his carefree and eccentric nature, most people often consider Ging to be a bad father to Gon. This might be due to his seemingly, lack of care when Gon was dying and never visited him in the hospital. His indifference to his son's state caused the Hunters during the Chairman Election to shout and boo at him.

Was Ging a good father?

Ging has done some great things in life, but being a good father is not one of them. He leaves his son with his younger cousin and doesn't contact Gon for over a decade. He leaves him a cassette tape which explains that he doesn't want to see him, but he can still look for him if he wants to.

Does Gons father love him?

Ging has two good reasons for preventing Gon from staying with him. Well it's a matter of interpretation, but I feel that Ging does indeed love Gon, but he had to leave him behind when he went to the Dark Continent. The one thing Gon wanted from Ging was to stay with him.

Is Ging a good person?

Ging is NOT a good person, let alone a good father. But yes, it's part of what makes him a good character. He is a pure self-centered person, he had his dreams, and nobody, not even his newborn son were enough to stop him.

Is Ging a deadbeat?

For anime-only Hunter x Hunter fans, Ging Freecss is a mysterious deadbeat father that encourages his son to put his life on the line.

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