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Why did Amon become a ghoul?

  1. Why did Amon become a ghoul?
  2. Is Amon dad a ghoul?
  3. Is Amon good or bad Tokyo ghoul?
  4. Who turned Amon into a ghoul?

Why did Amon become a ghoul?

Due to a personal experience as an orphan during his childhood, Amon came to the conclusion that the world was wrong, therefore he made it his task to change it. Because he believes it is ghouls who are twisting the world, he views their eradication as a way to mend it.

Is Amon dad a ghoul?

Donato was his ghoul adoptive father and they lived together in a Catholic orphanage. But one day, Amon discovered that Donato had been slaughtering the children in the orphanage daily, which made Amon grow a sense of hatred toward him.

Is Amon good or bad Tokyo ghoul?

Kotaro Amon is something of an antagonist in Tokyo Ghoul, where he clashed more than once with the hero, Ken Kaneki. But unlike some of his peers, Kotaro is not a bloodthirsty or ruthless investigator. He does things by the book and develops a strange relationship with the eyepatch Ghoul.

Who turned Amon into a ghoul?

Spoilers! Koutarou Amon is alive in both the manga and the anime. He is taken by Aogiri Tree and turned into an artificial Ghoul, like Takizawa. Here is the Tokyo Ghoul:RE Season 2 official artwork to show that he is alive, not only in the manga, but the anime, too.

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