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Does due by Mean due on?

  1. Does due by Mean due on?
  2. What does by tomorrow mean?
  3. What does submit by date mean?
  4. What does by today mean?

Does due by Mean due on?

For Eg: If something is due on/by March 12th, March 12 is the latest you can hand it in either way. The difference is if it's due by March 12th, you can hand it in before that too. Due on March 12th means you have to hand it in on that day.

What does by tomorrow mean?

By tomorrow means by the end of the day tomorrow i.e. it includes tomorrow too. Similarly, by Friday will mean by end of the day on Friday which would include Friday as well.

What does submit by date mean?

“Due by [date]” normally means the thing is to be submitted— BOTH anytime before that date, AND before the relevant closing time on that final date itself.

What does by today mean?

“By today” means today is the deadline for something. Ex: “I needed to turn in my essay for my history class by today*, but I was unable to finish it in time.

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