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Does Goku have a real name?

  1. Does Goku have a real name?
  2. Is trunks a real name?
  3. Is granola a half Saiyan?
  4. What is Chi-Chi's last name?
  5. Does Goku have a son?
  6. Why does Goten not have a tail?
  7. Who defeated Moro?

Does Goku have a real name?

Yes he does. Goku's full name is Son Goku, “Son” being the family name and “Goku” being the given name. It comes from how he was originally modelled after the Monkey King Sun Wukong from Journey to the West, “Son Goku” being the Japanese reading of “Sun Wukong”.

Is trunks a real name?

Trunksトランクス TorankusuAlternative Name(s)Small Child Trunks (ちびトランクス, Chibi Torankusu) Young Boy Trunks ( 少 しょう 年 ねん トランクス, Shōnen Torankusu)AliasMighty Mask (マイティマスク, Maiti Masuku)Personal Data

Is granola a half Saiyan?

Saiyan. He is part of the cerealian race.

What is Chi-Chi's last name?

Chi-Chi (チチChichi) is the wife of Goku, the daughter of Ox-King, and the adopted grandaughter-in-law of Grandpa Gohan.Chi-ChiManga nameChi-ChiAlternate namesAnonymous Milk (Latin American Dub) Kika (Portugese dub) The Ox-Princess Fighter #59

Does Goku have a son?

Goku has 2 kids: Gohan and Goten by his wife, Chi-Chi. Gohan is the eldest, born Age 757, and Goten is the youngest, born Age 767.

Why does Goten not have a tail?

Akira Toriyama when asked why Goten and Trunks don't have tails, he stated that tails are a recessive trait. Which basically means that when it comes to hybrid saiyans, the chances of them having a tail is low. Gohan is simply a very rare case.

Who defeated Moro?

GokuOnce he faced Goku with Perfected Ultra Instinct Moro was completely overtaken by him even after increasing his power up to maximum and trying to use the Earth's energy against him, being so brutally beaten by Goku that he begged for his life.

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