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How did Newt get infected in the books?

  1. How did Newt get infected in the books?
  2. How did Newt get the flare?
  3. Was Newt immune to the flare?
  4. Why does Newt have to die?
  5. Is Newt not immune?
  6. What was Newt's real name before the maze?
  7. Why did Newt get expelled?
  8. Why does Newt have a limp?

How did Newt get infected in the books?

Newt gets scratched by one of the Cranks on his right forearm, consequently infecting him with the virus. In the books, the Flare is airborne so all of the boys are exposed to it at some point while crossing the Scorch.

How did Newt get the flare?

Basically during the maze and scorch trials, he was pushed to his limit so his brain would have been under a lot of stress, which would then speed up the Flare.

Was Newt immune to the flare?

Let's start with the thing that WICKED was hiding: it's the fact that Newt isn't immune to the Flare. Most of the Gladers who find out that they have the Flare become sullen and emotional, but not Newt. When he finds out, he just tells Thomas: "I'm not worried about the bloody Flare, man.

Why does Newt have to die?

Newt died as a result of gross (I could even say: criminal) negligence. Already while I was watching TDC I was annoyed by the decisions that Wes Ball and T.S. Nowlin made the characters take - with the inevitable result that Newt got killed even though a few simple precautions would have prevented it.

Is Newt not immune?

They decide to also take Newt as a non-Immune control subject, and both he and his sister are taken away. Newt is separated from his sister and placed with other Group A members. He is aware of the fact that he is not Immune.

What was Newt's real name before the maze?

Thomas states that Newt's name is from Isaac Newt, Thomas for Thomas Edison, Alby for Albert Einstein and etc. We know from the ending of The Kill Order that Thomas' name was changed. And in The Fever Code we read about Thomas refusing the name change.

Why did Newt get expelled?

He Was Expelled From Hogwarts In the first Fantastic Beasts film, we hear that he was thrown out for endangering human life with a beast. J.K. Rowling has hinted that he took the blame for something someone else did, presumably the troubled Leta Lestrange and her experiments.

Why does Newt have a limp?

Newt was described as being rather tall and muscular, with blond hair that came down over his shoulders and a square jaw. He had a limp from his attempted suicide, during which he climbed one of the walls in the Maze and leaped off it.

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