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Can Goku live forever?

  1. Can Goku live forever?
  2. How did Goku become immortal?
  3. Is Beerus immortal?
  4. Is Goku immortal in GT?
  5. How strong is Goku after 100 years?
  6. Is Goku the strongest in GT?
  7. Is GT Goku universal?

Can Goku live forever?

Also, Goku is still only in his 40's until GT, so it'll be a long while before his appearance changes. According to the Daizenshuu, a Dragon Ball encyclopedia, a saiyan's lifespan is about the same as an average Human (70 to 90 years, with exceptions, of course), but keep in their peak longer.

How did Goku become immortal?

Goku Black: In the manga, as a result of keeping Future Zamasu's cells from the fusion due to being the same person, Goku Black gained Fused Zamasu's immortality after the Potara Fusion ran out.

Is Beerus immortal?

Yes beerus is immortal. But he has one drawback. Even though he is immortal he can be killed. Destroyed gods have a relationship with the Supreme Kai.

Is Goku immortal in GT?

Nope, goku is no God. He just ages slowly, he isn't immortal. Lol he's not immortal , saiyans just age slowly, as you can see both vegeta and goku are around 50 yet they like they are still in their 30's.

How strong is Goku after 100 years?

Goku's training between the Baby and S17 sagas got him to surpass Super Baby Vegeta 2 in SSJ, an increase that makes him at least 64x stronger over a single year timespan (which is the length of time between Baby and S17). Multiply that by 100 and Timeskip Base GT Goku would be 6400x stronger than Omega Shenron.

Is Goku the strongest in GT?

At the end of Dragon Ball Z, GT Timeline, Goku's base power is stronger than he was in SSJ3 during the Buu Saga. Good Buu was in the same tier as SSJ3 Goku in the Buu Saga. Goku fights Uub in his base form, so after ten years Goku has gotten four hundred times stronger.

Is GT Goku universal?

GT Base Goku is universal all by himself for tanking that attack in the first place.

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