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Where did Tupac's money go when he died?

  1. Where did Tupac's money go when he died?
  2. Who gets Tupac's royalties?

Where did Tupac's money go when he died?

The dispute was settled and the estate was awarded Shakur's recordings (via Heirs and Successes). In the years after his death, a few posthumous albums were released, skyrocketing Tupac's net worth after his death. Afeni died in 2016, but she made sure that her son's legacy will be protected.

Who gets Tupac's royalties?

Shakur agreed that Tupac's estate would secure all rights to Tupac's masters and audiovisuals (AKA music videos for the most part) while Death Row would pay the estate royalties on an unreleased Tupac album within 60 days of the 10 year anniversary of the agreement.

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