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Would you rather interview first or last?

  1. Would you rather interview first or last?
  2. Are final interviews hard?
  3. How do I ace my final interview?

Would you rather interview first or last?

It probably doesn't matter much if you're one of two or three candidates—but if you're one of dozens, then being interviewed last (or later, anyway) probably increases the odds of being hired. Very few employers actually hire the first person they interview—even when that person is very highly qualified.

Are final interviews hard?

On the one hand, companies may use the final round as a cultural fit interview and chance to get to know potential colleagues, whereas other hiring teams may keep the most difficult technical tasks until the last stage. This can make it challenging to know what to to expect, so don't be afraid to ask.

How do I ace my final interview?

Get a full night's sleep before your interviewResearch the company.Bring copies of your resume.Bring a list of references.Prepare questions to ask your interviewers.Keep your body language confident and polite.Dress appropriately.Express your enthusiasm and interest.Follow up with a thank-you email.Oct 6, 2021

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