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Can Voldemort beat Grindelwald?

  1. Can Voldemort beat Grindelwald?
  2. Who is stronger than Voldemort?
  3. How is Voldemort worse than Grindelwald?
  4. Who can defeat Grindelwald?

Can Voldemort beat Grindelwald?

Lord Voldemort was the most powerful dark wizard of all time. Grindelwald at his peak, even with the elder wand, would be defeated by Voldemort at his with the latter's own Yew, Phoenix feather wand.

Who is stronger than Voldemort?

14 More Powerful: Filius Flitwick Filius Flitwick is one of the many Hogwarts professors that are more powerful than Voldemort. He was a masterful wizard and an experienced professor. He was also an amazing duelist, and you just know he would know the perfect combination of spells to defeat Voldemort.

How is Voldemort worse than Grindelwald?

1 Winner: Voldemort Since Voldemort wins most of these points, he takes home the title of being the worse warlord of the wizarding world. He was more cunning, naturally talented, feared, and above all powerful, compared to Grindelwald.

Who can defeat Grindelwald?

Dumbledore defeated Grindelwald in an epic duel. In the five "Fantastic Beasts" movies, we'll learn about their arc and how Newt Scamander is involved.

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