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Is how've you been correct?

  1. Is how've you been correct?
  2. Can I say how've you been?

Is how've you been correct?

'How you been' is not grammatically correct. The correct form of saying it is 'how have you been' which means to ask a person about his well being like how is he/she.

Can I say how've you been?

“How have you been?” is the present perfect tense. You could also say “How are you?” using the present tense. But because you care about your friend and you knew he was sick, it would be better to ask “How have you been?” He can respond by saying “Oh, I've been great,” or “I've been feeling much better.”

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How Many Times Around A Football Field Is 1 Mile? 320 yards are equal to 960 feet (360 yards by 3 feet) A track is equal to 400 meters (440 yards). Running 1600 meters (4.) is equal to one lap around the football field. The distance between two points is five times or five kilometers.

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