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Where did Sirius body go when he died?

  1. Where did Sirius body go when he died?
  2. Why did Sirius die like that?
  3. Why did Bella kill Sirius?
  4. Was Sirius Black buried?
  5. What did Sirius fall into when he died?

Where did Sirius body go when he died?

Sirius is hit by Bellatrix's curse, and his stunned body arcs into the air and floats through the archway, disappearing behind the veil.

Why did Sirius die like that?

In the film, Bellatrix hit Sirius with the Killing Curse, Avada Kedavra, killing him before he passes through the Veil. In the book, the curse that hits Sirius is not identified (although it is rumoured to be Stupefy because of the red light), and him being knocked through the Veil is what causes his death.

Why did Bella kill Sirius?

He was a blood traitor. (He was supportive of Muggleborns and didn't care about the so called pure-blood supremacy which was his family's line of thinking) For being a shame on the family's name.

Was Sirius Black buried?

There was no funeral held for Sirius Black as there was no body and everyone soon dispersed to their homes as the break started. The war had begun and there were many other important things to focus on for everyone. However, he was cleared of the charges and declared innocent.

What did Sirius fall into when he died?

Sirius Black fell into the Veil, which is a one-way portal to death in the Battle of the Department of Mysteries. He was not dead when he fell in, he died after falling into it.

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