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Is Gine the mother of Goku?

  1. Is Gine the mother of Goku?
  2. Will Goku ever meet Bardock and Gine?

Is Gine the mother of Goku?

Gine (ギネ, Gine) is a female Saiyan whom was formerly a low-class Saiyan warrior, the wife of Bardock, and the mother of Raditz and Goku.

Will Goku ever meet Bardock and Gine?

Bardock is probably in Hell without a body, so him meeting Goku is unlikely. Goku also has no interest in meeting his parents, because he believed that they were just as barbaric as the other Saiyans, so again, the likelihood of that happening is quite low.

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How fast is Godspeed compared to Flash?

However, he's also referred to as the fastest speedster who ever lived, which means that he's faster than the original Flash, Barry Allen. On the small screen, Godspeed's theoretical velocity is calculated and is said to be 670, 616, 629 miles per hour, or the speed of light.

Who is faster than the Flash?

As far as the Flashes go, the fastest among them is Wally West. Barry Allen comes second, with Bart Allen in the third spot. Jay Garrick is the slowest among the four, but even he was quick enough to beat Superman in a race.

Can Gohan get stronger than Goku?

Back in Dragon Ball Z, Gohan managed to surpass Goku when he became the first Super Saiyan 2 in history during the fight with Cell. With a bit more training, he definitely has the potential to surpass Goku, but then again, with Ultra Instinct under his belt, Goku will always be in a different league.

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