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How many cups is 16 oz sour cream?

  1. How many cups is 16 oz sour cream?
  2. How many cups are in 16 ounces dry?

How many cups is 16 oz sour cream?

There are 1.875 cups in a 16-ounce container of sour cream. For reference, there are about 15 servings in a 16 oz. container of sour cream. One serving is 2 tablespoons.

How many cups are in 16 ounces dry?

2 cupsDry measures3 teaspoons1 tablespoon1/2 ounce5 1/3 tablespoons1/3 cup2.6 fluid ounces8 tablespoons1/2 cup4 ounces12 tablespoons3/4 cup6 ounces32 tablespoons2 cups16 ounces

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Does rubbing garlic on nails help them grow?

Garlic is rich in selenium, which helps promote nail growth. You could either rub your fingernails with a sliced piece of garlic, or if that is too pungent for you, you could make your own garlic oil to use as a nail mask.

What does GRT mean in chat?

GTTGlucose Tolerance Test Medical » Laboratory -- and more...Rate it:gttGutta (drops) Medical » PrescriptionRate it:GTTGot To talk Internet » ChatRate it:GTTGruppo Torinese Trasporti Miscellaneous » UnclassifiedRate it:GTTGateway to Technology Computing » TechnologyRate it:

Is there a distance limit for Grubhub?

GrubHub states on their website that their range cannot exceed a 70 miles radius from the restaurant. While GrubHub's average delivery range is much closer to those of Uber Eats and DoorDash, this gives restaurants a lot more flexibility.

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