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Is Stefan Really Dead Season 7?

  1. Is Stefan Really Dead Season 7?
  2. What episode does Stefan come back to life?
  3. Is Stefan really dead in Season 5?

Is Stefan Really Dead Season 7?

As Rayna escapes with Matt's help after three years, she tracks down and kills Stefan with her sword, despite Damon being seconds away of having the mark transferred onto himself.

What episode does Stefan come back to life?

"Handle with Care" is the sixth episode of the fifth season of the American series The Vampire Diaries and the series' 95th episode overall. "Handle with Care" was originally aired on November 7, 2013, on The CW.

Is Stefan really dead in Season 5?

The Season 5 Finale, episode 22, kicked off with Caroline crying over Stefan's body -- and Elena and Damon discovering that he died. But there is no time to cry. With the Other Side crumbling, the trio resolves to bring him back. With Stefan's life on the line, Elena and Caroline stop the witches in their tracks.

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Does Bonnie get back from 1994?

When Sheila transported Bonnie, and unintentionally Damon, to the 1994 prison world, the pair were resurrected in the process. Both Bonnie and Damon were spirits when they were transported to the world but when they were eventually transported back to the mortal plane, they were alive and corporeal.

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