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What happens if you go with Hjalmar?

  1. What happens if you go with Hjalmar?
  2. Can I help Cerys and Hjalmar?
  3. Is Hjalmar in the books?

What happens if you go with Hjalmar?

While going along the path Hjalmar will point out a body. If you examine it you will find an altar of Svalblod, a forbidden God which demands human sacrifices. Soon Geralt will pick up some smell, so follow the trail. The smell will lead you to a body, blood stain.

Can I help Cerys and Hjalmar?

If you help Cerys, you'll get another 900 total for various objectives throughout the remainder of the quest. Helping Hjalmar will also net you a total of 900 experience points. You'll also receive the crossbow titled Death From Above regardless of who you help.

Is Hjalmar in the books?

Hjalmar an Craite appears in the final installment of Geralt's trilogy.

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