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What is Flash's IQ?

  1. What is Flash's IQ?
  2. Is the flash intelligent?
  3. Who is smarter Batman or the Flash?
  4. Is the flash smart in the comics?
  5. Is Barry Allen smarter than Cisco?
  6. What is Caitlin snows IQ?
  7. What is Clifford DeVoe's IQ?

What is Flash's IQ?

It's fair to say that Barry is considerably more intelligent than median in his occupation, so I reckon his IQ to be about 160. It would be an enhanced 160 IQ, thanks to his super speed and super ability to memorize material He is at the top of his occupation but he does not have Batman's genius IQ.

Is the flash intelligent?

If you're talking about the TV show, Barry Allen is still highly intelligent, being a grade A CSI even before the particle accelerator explosion. But not nearly as intelligent as the creators could have made him.

Who is smarter Batman or the Flash?

It depends, if you are asking who has a higher processing speed, it's Flash. But Batman has a much higher iq and more knowledge.

Is the flash smart in the comics?

In the comics, Barry Allen is an intelligent hero. Barry also has a genius-level intellect in chemistry and forensic sciences. While The Arrowverse's Flash is smart, the DCEU version is a genius. When Bruce Wayne found his home, there were several items that Barry created for his career as Flash.

Is Barry Allen smarter than Cisco?

Barry also has genius level intellect so that would place him at 160–200 because we see that he is smart enough to keep pace with Cisco, but, not smart enough to create the things Cisco does. Cisco is at a definitive 250.

What is Caitlin snows IQ?

Caitlin would have an IQ of 250 as she is comparable to Cisco, who, can keep pace with Wells.

What is Clifford DeVoe's IQ?

Starting at around IQ 1000, we see that this does not sum up DeVoe's IQ. Since we can see that he is around ten times smarter than the Council of Wells combined, that brings us to around 30,000.

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