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Who is stronger Hashirama or Tobirama?

  1. Who is stronger Hashirama or Tobirama?
  2. Who is faster Tobirama or Hashirama?

Who is stronger Hashirama or Tobirama?

Hashirama is far stronger than Tobirama. He is the reincarnation of Ashura and have Wood release which is able to suppress the Nine Tails chakra. Tobirama invented many jutsus including Reanimation jutsu and Flying Raijin.

Who is faster Tobirama or Hashirama?

Tobirama is way faster than Hashirama because of the Flying Raijin, which is basically teleportation. However, even the time of FTG teleportation varies as Minato Namikaze proved to be faster than Tobirama at using it in the Fourth Great Ninja War.

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