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How old can Kratos live?

  1. How old can Kratos live?
  2. Was Kratos ever human?
  3. Who saved Kratos in God of War 3?
  4. Is Kratos 1000 years old?
  5. Why did the gods curse Kratos?
  6. Will Kratos live forever?
  7. Is Kratos 7 feet?

How old can Kratos live?

So with the temple being 'asleep' for 150 years, the vase has been there for the same amount of time, possibly longer, So this is showing that Kratos is at the very least 150 years old.

Was Kratos ever human?

Ironically Kratos, considered by many to be the most dangerous of the Gods, was born a Human.

Who saved Kratos in God of War 3?

So after beating the game , this is one of my main questions. We are never given a straight answer too, Are we suppose to just assume for the time being that . Fray saved him when he washed ashore from his ending in GoW 3 or did tyr bring him to Midgard to fulfll the Ragnarok prophecy .

Is Kratos 1000 years old?

U guys are morons kratos is a deity of the ancient Greeks that's BC (before Christ) and GOW4 takes place during the end of the Viking age that would mean kratos is definitely over 1,000 years old.

Why did the gods curse Kratos?

However it is said in the novel series that athena cursed Kratos after he released the power of hope to mankind in anger and spite so that no matter what he did the blades of chaos would never truly leave him.

Will Kratos live forever?

So it's possible that without him living on Olympus and doing godly things (such as getting praise, prayers, worship or eating godly foods), he could die of old age just as normal human would. So with that said, Kratos is believed to be somewhere between 150 and 200 years old.

Is Kratos 7 feet?

Kratos' Height When referring to Greek Gods in any form of media, their physical stature is often a subject for discussion. Early scripts listed him as 6 feet 6 inches tall, while recently, a Santa Monica Studio dev stated that Kratos is 7 feet 6 inches in the comic books and about 6 feet 4 inches in the game.

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