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Is Captain America faster than Spider-Man?

  1. Is Captain America faster than Spider-Man?
  2. Does Spider-Man have superspeed?
  3. How fast is Spider-Man swing?

Is Captain America faster than Spider-Man?

Definitely Spiderman, though he prefers to travel by webs he can easily catch up to a speeding car even outrun a cheetah. That's over 70 mph, Caps top speed is no more than 40 mph. Originally Answered: Who would be faster in a foot race, Spider-Man or Captain America? Spidey wins.

Does Spider-Man have superspeed?

Yes Spider-Man has super speed although he isn't a speedster like Quicksilver but still Spider-Man is supernaturally fast so much that he becomes a blur, even though Spider-Man's superhuman speed may often be overlooked however that power of superhuman speed is still there combined with his spidey sense which is just

How fast is Spider-Man swing?

It depends how high up he was when he started. Spider-Man's speed in a swing is purely a function of acceleration due to gravity. It's a traditional pendulum problem. His maximum speed on any swing on Earth will always be 13.86 times height in meters.

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