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What mutant level is Cyclops?

  1. What mutant level is Cyclops?
  2. Is Havok stronger than Cyclops?
  3. Who would win Cyclops or Wolverine?
  4. Is Vulcan stronger than Cyclops?
  5. Who can beat Cyclops?
  6. Why is Cyclops underrated?
  7. Who is most powerful summer?
  8. Can Cyclops beat Batman?
  9. Can Cyclops beat Superman?

What mutant level is Cyclops?

Alpha levelX-Men mutant classification - Alpha level A good example of an Alpha-level mutant would be Cyclops, with his ability to emit beams of energy from his eyes.

Is Havok stronger than Cyclops?

Power wise Havok is far deadlier than Cyclops. In many ways that is the whole point of his powers. Granted he has had just as many iswues with controlling those abilities as Cyclops has. And while Cyclops has since been retconned to draw power from an extra-dimensional source it has made things a little weird.

Who would win Cyclops or Wolverine?

13 Weaker: Cyclops Still, it's unlikely that he could defeat Wolverine in battle. Cyclops could almost definitely shred most of Wolverine's body away if he were to use the full power of his optic blast on him, but it's highly unlikely that Wolverine wouldn't regenerate.

Is Vulcan stronger than Cyclops?

17 CYCLOPS Despite being one of the most famous members of the Summers family and the X-Men, Cyclops is far from the most powerful member of his bloodline. He's immune to his brother Alex's (Havok) mutant powers and is somewhat immune to his other brother Gabriel's (Vulcan) abilities.

Who can beat Cyclops?

Here are five DC heroes Cyclops can beat and five he'd lose to.1 Lose: Wonder Twins. At first, the Wonder Twins may not seem like much of a problem for Cyclops.2 Win: G'Nort. 3 Lose: Flash. 4 Win: Hawkman. 5 Lose: Wonder Woman. 6 Win: Elongated Man. 7 Lose: Superman. 8 Win: Wildcat.

Why is Cyclops underrated?

Scott Summers aka Cyclops, became underrated and even disliked because of the writers habit of placing him in extreme scenarios, where only extreme decisions were made.

Who is most powerful summer?

1 JEAN GREY The most powerful member of the Summers family wasn't even a Summers. Not initially, at least. Jean Grey's power as an Omega level mutant is undeniable. Her regular self with the most powerful telekinesis and telepathy among mutants is already formidable.

Can Cyclops beat Batman?

In the initial fight, Cyclops is the only member of the X-Men to land a solid hit against Batman. Although he can outpace almost all of them on his own, the overwhelming numbers and abilities of the X-Men make it impossible for Batman to handle the team on his own.

Can Cyclops beat Superman?

If you're talking about Superman in general, Cyclops doesn't stand a chance. Though Cyclops has powerful beams, Superman can either intensify or decrease the amount of energy he is using. He could, if he wanted to, make his beams as powerful as the sun, maybe even hotter.

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