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Can Killua defeat Hisoka?

  1. Can Killua defeat Hisoka?
  2. Can Gon Killua beat Hisoka?
  3. Who is faster Killua or Hisoka?
  4. Is kurapika stronger than Killua?
  5. Is killua stronger then Hisoka?

Can Killua defeat Hisoka?

Hisoka's aura is known to have the properties of both rubber and gum, hence the name Bungee Gum. That, when combined with several other of his skills, makes him an elite fighter. Killua, even in his Godspeed mode, will certainly not be able to defeat Hisoka.

Can Gon Killua beat Hisoka?

No. Hisoka is outrageously powerful. He's been training his nen for a long time, while gon just began to become creative with it. But if everyone Kurapika, Leorio joined them they can beat him.

Who is faster Killua or Hisoka?

In terms of overall ability, it goes without saying that Hisoka is much stronger than Killua right now, just as Illumi is. With his Speed of Lightning active, Killua is much faster than him.

Is kurapika stronger than Killua?

Yes, he is. Kurapika is much stronger than Killua, and he would also beat Killua in a fight. Kurapika has Steal Chain, which allows him to take someone's nen ability. Kurapika also has an instant healing chain and his Judgement Chain.

Is killua stronger then Hisoka?

9 Stronger Than Killua: Hisoka Hisoka's abilities as a fighter surpass those of Killua's and that's no surprise since Hisoka thinks that Killua can grow stronger and is still not ready to fight him yet.

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