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How old is Zuko and Azula?

  1. How old is Zuko and Azula?
  2. How much younger is Azula than Zuko?
  3. Is Azula Zuko's older sister?
  4. Is Sokka older than Zuko?

How old is Zuko and Azula?

Traditionally, we've said that Zuko is two years older than Azula, in ATLA he's 16, and she's 14.

How much younger is Azula than Zuko?

Azula. That's right, Azula is only 14 throughout the entire series, which might be surprising to some. This also means there's a two year age difference between her and older brother Zuko.

Is Azula Zuko's older sister?

Azula is the power-hungry daughter of Fire Lord Ozai and the younger sister of Prince Zuko. Twisted and manipulative, she delights in torturing her brother and she is a deadly Firebender in her own right.

Is Sokka older than Zuko?

Both Aang and Toph are 12 during the series, Katara is 14, and Sokka is the oldest at a mere 15. Zuko is 16, and even menacing characters like Azula are only 14 years old.

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