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How much of Bardock is canon?

  1. How much of Bardock is canon?
  2. What episode do we see Bardock?

How much of Bardock is canon?

But not every appearance by Bardock is in Canon material, which begs the question, is Bardock Canon? Bardock is 100% canon. He is definitely the father of Goku and was killed when he stood up to Frieza.

What episode do we see Bardock?

There are no episodes of Goku meeting Bardock. You may be thinking of the scene in the TV Special Bardock: Father of Goku, where Bardock has a short vision of Goku on Namek telling him, “it isn't too late to change…”. Goku however, never said anything to Bardock in DBZ, nor does he even know who he is.

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Which episode Sasuke kills Sakura?

"The Burden" (背負うべき重荷, Seōbeki Omoni) is episode 214 of the Naruto: Shippūden anime.

Does Sasuke lose an eye in Boruto?

Not only did Naruto lose Kurama after the two of them had activated Baryon Mode to help keep up with the Otsutsuki, but Sasuke suddenly loss his Rinnegan when Momoshiki (who had awakened within Boruto's body after the fight) caught him by surprise and stabbed it out.

Does Sasuke permanently lose his arm?

At the end of the shippuden series, naruto and sasuke both loose and arm in their final fight. Naruto regains his arm by using the 2nd hokage's cells which is why he has to keep it wrapped up, he he doesn't have his faux arm will turn into a tree.

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