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What episode does gray like Juvia?

  1. What episode does gray like Juvia?
  2. Who is gray Fullbuster's crush?
  3. Who has a crush on juvia?
  4. What episode does Gray kiss juvia?
  5. Does Juvia love gray or Lyon?
  6. What is juvia birthday?
  7. Who does Lyon have a crush on?
  8. Does Lyon like sherry?

What episode does gray like Juvia?

Episode 158: Juvia and Gray participate in the same game, Juvia tells Gray she has no intention of loosing to him and he tells her to hit him with everything she's got. Juvia ends up falling in love with all the Gray statues around her. Juvia attacks Lyon when he gets close to Gray. Lyon and Gray see Juvia's panties.

Who is gray Fullbuster's crush?

Juvia LockserGray Fullbuster is the love interest of Juvia Lockser in the anime/manga series, Fairy Tail. Initially, Juvia was Gray's enemy, as a member of Phantom Lord's strongest team, Element 4. However, When the two met, she instantly fell in love with him at first sight.

Who has a crush on juvia?

During the Light Team's meeting, he rushes off after Natsu Dragneel into the woods and towards Oración Seis' presumed headquarters, without even a plan of attack. Seven years later, Lyon sets his eyes on Juvia Lockser for the first time, and falls in love with her immediately.

What episode does Gray kiss juvia?

4:4410:03Gray Proposes to Juvia : Fairy Tail 100 Years Quest - YouTubeYouTube

Does Juvia love gray or Lyon?

Juvia's love for Gray is true, as shown when Meredy was able to use Maguilty Sense on her and Gray, a spell that can only work which depends on the strong bond between two people. Erza mentions that this is Juvia's true power (her strong feelings for her love). She has also sacrificed her life to save his.

What is juvia birthday?

13 Fairy Tail Character ChartCharacter NameAgeBirthdayZeref19June 25thMavis Vermillion400+July 19thJuvia Lockser17X767*Acnologia400+X300•Oct 26, 2021

Who does Lyon have a crush on?

3 Crush On Juvia Lyon has an unabashed crush on Juvia. This is made obvious whenever he interacts with her, as he clearly has no problem giving back all the attention she shows to Gray.

Does Lyon like sherry?

Personality. Sherry can be very dramatic, and will always make overly-dramatic statements about how everything is for "love". She loved Lyon Vastia, and has had a relationship with him similar to that of Gray and Juvia.

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