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How tall is the real Hagrid?

  1. How tall is the real Hagrid?
  2. Is Hagrid actually that big in real life?
  3. Is Hagrid's beard fake?
  4. Was Dumbledore's hair real?

How tall is the real Hagrid?

In the books, it says that Hagrid is twice as tall as a regular man, and about 5 times as wide. Although in the movies, he's close to about 9 foot. 8 foot 6 inches to be exact. That's almost twice as tall as a regular man, but not quite.

Is Hagrid actually that big in real life?

No. Robbie Coltrane (Hagrid) is 1.85m, or 6″0 in real life. In the movies, they did clever shooting angles to make Hagrid appear taller, and used smaller furniture for Coltrane and oversized furniture for Harry, Ron and Hermione for the scenes shot in Hagrid's cabin.

Is Hagrid's beard fake?

To prepare his attire, Coltrane arrived on the set at the crack of dawn. It took at least an hour and a half for makeup and costume artists to transform him into Hagrid. "First, I had a bushy beard, then this extra-large wig, circa Dallas 1984, plus layers upon layers of clothes," he said.

Was Dumbledore's hair real?

For the Harry Potter movies, did Richard Harris and Michael Gambon grow real beards for their roles as Albus Dumbledore? - Quora. No, those weren't real beards. It's movie magic at its finest. As Abby points out, that kind of growth in real life takes a very long time to develop.

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