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Is money discrete data or continuous?

  1. Is money discrete data or continuous?
  2. What kind of variable is money?
  3. Can money continuous?
  4. Is money nominal or ordinal?
  5. Are grades discrete or continuous?
  6. Is money a ratio or interval?
  7. Is SSS a nominal?
  8. Is military title nominal?
  9. Is weight ordinal or nominal?
  10. Is social security number discrete?

Is money discrete data or continuous?

Because money comes, in clear steps of one cent, it's a discrete variable, as well. In theory, the restaurant could make any amount of money. However, the revenue is still discrete. Because we can think of values that are not possible.

What kind of variable is money?

Money. A Numeric variable where the values represent a currency. Treated the same as numeric data except that in some situations the currency symbol is displayed.

Can money continuous?

Yes. In practice, it depends on the application. However, while money is traditionally rounded to discrete values after a calculation has been made using it as a continuous variable, there are instances where you want the more accurate information.

Is money nominal or ordinal?

Ratio scales In essence, a ratio scale can be thought of as nominal, ordinal, and interval scales combined as one. For example, the measurement of money is an example of a ratio scale.

Are grades discrete or continuous?

Discrete data is data for which all values on the real number line are not possible – only certain values are possible. For example, the grade you receive in your school exam (A, B, C, D, or E) is an example of discrete data because your grade can only take on one of these 5 possible values and nothing else.

Is money a ratio or interval?

Money is measured on a ratio scale because, in addition to having the properties of an interval scale, it has a true zero point: if you have zero money, this implies the absence of money.

Is SSS a nominal?

Nominal: Categorical data and numbers that are simply used as identifiers or names represent a nominal scale of measurement. Numbers on the back of a baseball jersey and your social security number are examples of nominal data.

Is military title nominal?

Identify the scale of measurement for the following: military title -- Lieutenant, Captain, Major. Since clothes are categorized and have no inherent order, the scale is nominal.

Is weight ordinal or nominal?

Weight is measured on the ratio scale. Ratio: exactly the same as the interval scale except that the zero on the scale means: does not exist. For example, a weight of zero doesn't exist, an age of zero doesn't exist.

Is social security number discrete?

a quantitative variable with an infinite number of possible levels, limited only by the measuring instrument. Examples are height, weight, and distance. variables at this measurement level are categorical and discrete in nature. Examples include brand of shoes, social security number and gender.

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