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Who did Orochimaru had a child with?

  1. Who did Orochimaru had a child with?
  2. Who is Orochimaru wife and son?
  3. Why can t Mitsuki use sage mode?
  4. Why is Boruto Mitsuki's sun?
  5. What is Mitsuki's power?
  6. Is Mitsuki's sage mode gone?
  7. Can Mitsuki use sage mode?

Who did Orochimaru had a child with?

MitsukiOrochimaru/ChildrenMitsuki is a synthetic human who was developed by the scientific powers of Orochimaru. Mitsuki does question Orochimaru about this. Orochimaru states that he is his parent, he doesn't reveal the gender. It is shown in the anime that Suigetsu helps Orochimaru create and help form Mitsuki.

Who is Orochimaru wife and son?

After the post-credits scene, Mitsuki confesses to Boruto and Sarada that he is the son of the criminal Orochimaru, shocking Sarada. Mitsuki's backstory is explored in Naruto Gaiden: The Road Illuminated by the Full Moon (2016), where it is revealed that Mitsuki is an artificial human created by Orochimaru.

Why can t Mitsuki use sage mode?

Orochimaru probably doesn't want people to start questioning Mitsuki's origins or find out that he is a synthetic human. Using sage mode might trigger those reactions from the people and many might not want him in the village due to Orochimaru's history.

Why is Boruto Mitsuki's sun?

Basically Mitsuki ( who thinks himself to be the moon) looks for the sun to be his opposite, his rival, his equal partner. The second he met Boruto Uzumaki, he was determined that this boy must be his SUN.

What is Mitsuki's power?

Mitsuki's signature ability is the Soft Physique Modification technique, letting him stretch or contort his body to use as weapons and restraints. He can shatter barriers simply by touching them.

Is Mitsuki's sage mode gone?

Mitsuki never had Sage Mode. He has Sage Transformation. It's clearly stated several times by Mitsuki himself and his father. Mitsuki is the genetic son of orochimaru.

Can Mitsuki use sage mode?

Mitsuki possess the ability to use Sage Transformation, able to activate with ease. Unique to him, he gains a cyan chakra shroud that forms into ethereal snakes around his body to aid in his attack range allowing him to grab and bite opponents, and he grows out a single horn from his forehead.

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