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Is Gon more powerful than Ging?

  1. Is Gon more powerful than Ging?
  2. Do Ging care about Gon?
  3. Is ging the strongest hunter?

Is Gon more powerful than Ging?

If we're talking about Gon when he powers up to his maximum potential he is most likely far superior to Ging. Pitou state that Gon in that form might end up in the jaws of the king which implies that hes a serious threat to Meruem who is substantially stronger than Netero. Netero is stronger than Ging.

Do Ging care about Gon?

Ging does care about Gon and most likely loves him, but his adventurous and selfish personality keeps him from ever establishing an actual Father and Son relationship.

Is ging the strongest hunter?

6 Strongest: Ging Freecss According to the former Chairman Netero, Ging Freecss is one of the 5 strongest Nen users in the entire world. Ging's skills remain a mystery, mostly. Regardless of the mystery that shrouds Ging, it is safe to say that he's one of the strongest Hunters alive in the series right now.

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