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Who voices Hange in Japanese?

  1. Who voices Hange in Japanese?
  2. Who voices Hange English?
  3. What is Hanji Zoe gender?
  4. Who is the voice actor of Pakunoda?
  5. Does Levi bathe Hange?
  6. What are Hanjis pronouns?
  7. Is Komugi a boy?
  8. What Nen type is Pakunoda?
  9. Why is Hange called Hans?
  10. Who has seen Levi cry?
  11. How is Hanjis name Spelt?
  12. What is Hanjis first name?
  13. Who is hange crush?

Who voices Hange in Japanese?

Romi Park is a Japanese voice actor known for voicing Edward Elric, Hange Zoe, and Toshiro Hitsugaya.

Who voices Hange English?

Jessica CalvelloJessica Calvello, an accomplished voice actor, plays Hange Zoë in the English dubversion.

What is Hanji Zoe gender?

Hange Zoe is a genderqueer bisexual character from Attack On Titan.

Who is the voice actor of Pakunoda?

Romi ParkHunter X Hunter: Phantom RougePakunoda/Played by

Does Levi bathe Hange?

Parallels: Hange's right eye and Levi's left eye are damaged, both injuries caused by explosions. Levi is a clean freak and Hange does not bathe consistently.

What are Hanjis pronouns?

Originally Answered: Is Hange (Hanji) from Attack on Titan a guy or a girl? In the manga Hange is referred to both as Mr. Hange and the pronoun “her” is used. I can't find the page that says “her”, but in the Japanese movie he/she is played by a female actress.

Is Komugi a boy?

Komugi at a first glance just seems like a frail, blind and clumsy woman, not impressing the King at all. However, to his surprise he is not able to beat her on Gungi as she herself is a genius in the game, always creating new strategies and evolving as she confronts a good opponent.

What Nen type is Pakunoda?

Nen. Pakunoda was a Specialist. Her Nen ability allowed her to read other people's memories. She often used it to discover an opponent's ability or in situations requiring some form of extortion or blackmail.

Why is Hange called Hans?

ハンジ is pronounced as “Han-gee” and there is no “s” sound in the name. I assume “Han-gee” is where “Hange” comes from, since it is the closest spelling based on the Japanese pronunciation. Meanwhile, “Hanji” is just a direct romantization from katakana ハンジ.

Who has seen Levi cry?

Levihan fact: When Levi's upset he always goes to hanji. She's the only one who's seen him cry.

How is Hanjis name Spelt?

9 Their Name Is Spelled Two Different Ways Most Anime characters tend to have different pronunciation or spelling of their said name. Apparently, Hanji's name can be spelled as either Hanji (female) instead of Hange (male).

What is Hanjis first name?

Hange Zoë (ハンジ・ゾエ Hanji Zoe?) was the 14th commander (団長 Danchō?) of the Survey Corps, named so by Erwin Smith before his death.

Who is hange crush?

Pieck departs, as Hange has to stay behind to hold their now common enemy off. Hange had a crush on the Survey Corps former Commander, Keith Shadis.

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Does Ino have a child?

Sai reciprocates Ino's feelings and the two marry years later, having a son, Inojin. Even after many years together Ino's love for Sai is as strong as ever, occasionally acting as love-struck as she did when they first met.

Who is the child of Ino and Sai?

InojinBackground. Inojin is the only child of Sai and Ino Yamanaka.

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