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How was the first savitar created?

  1. How was the first savitar created?
  2. How was savitar born?
  3. What is savitar origin?
  4. How savitar get his powers?
  5. Is Savitar a paradox?
  6. Why did Barry become Savitar?

How was the first savitar created?

Savitar was the time remnant of Barry Allen when Barry Allen fights Savitar. Savitar kills all of Barry's time remnants, but allows one to live to become Savitar. It creates a loop in time that has no beginning or end. Video of Cisco explaining how Barry became Savitar.

How was savitar born?

When Savitar was born, he was a time remnant of Barry fighting Savitar after killing Iris. So time remnant barry "survived" after Savitar was trapped by original barry. But as a clone, he was rejected by team flash, so he grew hatred. Then he travels to the future and make his tech suit.

What is savitar origin?

Savitar was originally an unnamed pilot for a third-world nation that was to test a supersonic fighter jet during the Cold War. As he reached top speed, his plane was struck by what appeared to be lightning and he went down in hostile territory.

How savitar get his powers?

He is The Founder and Leader of The Thunderbolt Agents‎‎ a criminal Cult who refer to him as The Dark Lord. He Leads The Cult through his Avatar Doctor Alchemy who uses The Philosopher's Stone which gave him his Powers to give other Metahumans Power as well to grow an army of followers under his command.

Is Savitar a paradox?

Savitar exists because Savitar exists. It's also an ontological paradox. Barry even goes to the future, to get insight and see if he can figure out where they failed, then return and try something different.

Why did Barry become Savitar?

Savitar is one of Barry's time remnants, meaning that if Barry runs back in time he can create temporal duplicates of himself. In order to defeat Zoom in last year's season finale, Barry created a time remnant. This time remnant ended up sacrificing himself to stop Zoom and save the multiverse. He becomes Savitar.

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