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How much did a chain mail shirt weigh?

  1. How much did a chain mail shirt weigh?
  2. How much does a suit of chainmail cost?

How much did a chain mail shirt weigh?

Prior to this time, chain mail was the most prevalent and effective type of body armament. Maile weighed about the same as full body plate style. The average weight was about 45 - 55 pounds....Medieval Chain Mail, Armor and Weapons.Chain Mail ShirtShirt - Long SleeveAluminumChainmail SheetBlackLinks

How much does a suit of chainmail cost?

It will take approximately 200-300 dollars in material in the modern age to make a full suit. You will wear out a pair of pliers, fuel for annealing the links and the metal itself. So we have a wholesale value of 18,360 and a retail value of 27,540.

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