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Are the Battlefield 1 servers dead?

  1. Are the Battlefield 1 servers dead?
  2. How many players does BF1 have 2020?
  3. Is bf1 dead in 2021?

Are the Battlefield 1 servers dead?

I still see a lot of people playing the game, and playing its DLC's. In fact, some of my friends say that they still enjoy this game very much. So, no. Battlefield 1 is still very much alive.

How many players does BF1 have 2020?

Battlefield 1 MonthAvg. Players% GainDecember 20202,150.4+95.80%November 20201,098.3-12.03%October 20201,248.4+88.48%September 2020662.4-27.58%

Is bf1 dead in 2021?

Being included in the PS Collection has breathed some new life into it, maybe. It was probably alive anyway. It's officially dead. Zero servers.

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