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How many pounds is a bale of cotton?

  1. How many pounds is a bale of cotton?
  2. What is a bundle of cotton called?
  3. Do they bale cotton?

How many pounds is a bale of cotton?

480 lbsAverage net bale weight is 495 lbs. (for statistical purposes average bale weight is 480 lbs.)

What is a bundle of cotton called?

A bale is a compact, easy-to-move bundle of a crop like hay or cotton. Bales are formed in various shapes by a machine called a baler, and wrapped in twine or wire so they can be efficiently transported or stored. The word bale is Old French for "rolled-up bundle," from the same Germanic root as ball.

Do they bale cotton?

Across cotton fields, bales of freshly picked cotton are a common sight—it's simply a natural step in the harvest. What might take some farmers by surprise, however, is seeing groupings of rounded cotton bales in place of the traditional square bales that have dominated the landscape for years and years.

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