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What if future Vegeta survived?

  1. What if future Vegeta survived?
  2. Did future Bulma die?
  3. Does Goku and Vegeta die in the future?
  4. Did Vegeta ever die?
  5. How did future Vegeta get Super Saiyan?
  6. Who is Super Saiyan black?

What if future Vegeta survived?

If Vegeta had survived, he would have gotten a zenkai boost as saiyans do when coming back from grievous injuries. Around the android Saga, his power was enough to overwhelm 19 and 20, but paled against 17 and 18.

Did future Bulma die?

While Future Bulma was killed by Black, another Future Bulma still exists in an alternate timeline created when Beerus destroyed Zamasu, which was free of Zamasu's terror after Whis warned Future Beerus of Zamasu's actions preventing the same history from repeating itself again.

Does Goku and Vegeta die in the future?

Originally Answered: What happened to Goku ,Vegeta and other Dragon Ball Z characters from future Trunks timeline? The reason Goku, Vegeta and other Z fighters are not present in Future trunks timeline is due to the fact that Goku died due to Heart Attack, at the same time the Androids arrived.

Did Vegeta ever die?

11 Vegeta - 2 times He first died at the hand of Frieza, who beat him up and then gave him a Death Beam through the chest when he wouldn't shut up about Frieza losing to Goku. Vegeta's second death was even more noble. He blows himself up when he tries to destroy Majin Buu.

How did future Vegeta get Super Saiyan?

Future Vegeta's life was exactly the same as his main timeline counterpart's until August of Age 764 when Future Goku used the Instant Transmission to arrive on Earth and kill Future Frieza and Future King Cold. In the anime, sometime afterward, Vegeta trained and became a Super Saiyan.

Who is Super Saiyan black?

Goku Black (ゴクウブラック, Gokū Burakku), usually referred to as Black, is the main antagonist of the "Future" Trunks Saga of Dragon Ball Super. His true identity is Zamasu (ザマス, Zamasu) from the unaltered main timeline within Universe 10. He is a former North Kai and Supreme Kai apprentice serving his former master Gowasu.

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